The Wait

THE WAIT - L'attesa


status: post-production

start: July 2011 in Sicily (NYC shooting in July 2012)



director: Tiziana Bosco; writer: Rosario Lizzio; composer: Angelo Badalamenti; cinematographer: Andrea Locatelli; art designer: Giuseppe Busacca; costume designer: Deborah Privitera; editor: Edoardo Murabito, Andrea Gagliardi



Luca Lionello, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Lucia Sardo, Luigi Maria Burruano, Rosaria Russo, Antonio Catania, Luca Barreca, Stephen Badalamenti, Dominick Ruggiero Jr.




Sicily (Savoca, Sant'Alessio, Francavilla di Sicilia),  New York (Manhattan, Brooklyn)


production companies:

Babelefilm  srl (Catania)

with support Regione Sicilia - APQ "Sensi Contemporanei" - Sicilia Film Commission



A mafia killer accepts to take the identity of his last victim in order to redeem his past. A game of chess will stress the turning points of this change. The killer meet his victim on a ship that carries back together in Sicily 35 years after their departure. Only one will arrive in Sicily, but he'll chose to change his life and complete the destiny of the other one.