Round Around a Blackberry Bush

Girando intorno a un cespuglio di more

feature film


status: in development (script)



director: Tiziana Bosco; writer: Rosario Lizzio; composer: Angelo Badalamenti; art director: Giuseppe Busacca


with an international cast


location: country near Ragusa (Sicily)


production company: Babelefilm


co-producer: Linda Pianigiani (Los Angeles)


Seven days in the life of Susanna (a 9 year old child), in the country near Ragusa (Sicily), while her American dad is sent to fight in Iraq. Susanna lives with her young mom, that she loves, and her grandmother, that she hates. Her neighbour, the Lady with the Hat, eccentric in fashion, represents for Susanna a chance to live differently, not needing to follow the rules.