Our vision is to work with talented filmmakers to produce marketable, entertaining and stimulating independent films.

Babelefilm is comprised of three founding partners: producer Fabio Teriaca, screenwriter Rosario Lizzio, and director Tiziana Bosco.

Luca Lionello is Tony Torre
Luca Lionello is Tony Torre

We produced short, as "Toccatté" (14', 2007), "Frost" (15', 2005) and "Viva la mamma" (14'), videoclip as "Fetente" (2006), film as "The Speaking Things" (2006), documentary as "At the Table of the Gods".


Now in post-production a new feature film, "The Wait"("L'attesa"), with the support of Regione Sicilia (APQ "Sensi Contemporanei") and Sicilia Film Commission.

In the leader role Luca Lionello (Judas in Mel Gibson "The Passion"). More cast: Gianmarco Tognazzi, Luigi Maria Burruano, Lucia Sardo, Antonio Catania, Rosaria Russo, Luca Barreca, Steven Badalamenti, ...


Help us to release "The Wait" in theaters

Please, contribute to the campaign.

Go to www.produzionidalbasso.com, give us 25 to 200 euros, ask your friend to make the same, and get gadgets of the movie.

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